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Sustainability is at the heart of our winemaking philosophy, as we seek harmony with our environment, nourishing both the land and the sea so that our future generations can continue to enjoy.

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Blue Economy

The marine life

Our submerged cages transcend mere containers;

they transform into sanctuaries, offering new habitats for a variety of species crucial for maintaining the equilibrium of marine ecosystems.


The label

The label serves a dual purpose of both adorning and protecting the bottle.


We opt for Fedrigoni paper due to its environmentally friendly composition, exquisite texture, and ethical provenance, guaranteeing responsible production.

The tag is fastened using natural rope, thereby fulfilling our pledge to environmentally conscious practices.

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The Box

The crafting of these boxes reflects the dedication and passion of individuals facing disabilities and mental health challenges.

At Ensuma, we are dedicated to fostering the rehabilitation and socio-economic integration of individuals encountering barriers to employment.

The INTRAS foundation, established in 1994 as a non-profit organization, comprises a workforce of nearly 600 professionals committed to its mission.

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