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Clos l'Oreneta


The Origin


Accompany us to the captivating wine region of Priorat, where rugged landscapes, defined by majestic mountain ranges and steep terraces of llicorella soils, create the perfect terroir for producing exceptional wines.

The fragmentation of the soil provides excellent drainage, forcing vine roots to penetrate deep in search of water and nutrients, contributing to the concentration and complexity of the wines and the maximum expression of the terroir.



el amor encontrado

A passion for wonderful wines and the sea brought me to Spain, and what I found was love. I discovered someone who I can share my obsession for wines. I have learned that when you wholeheartedly embrace what truly inspires you, magical things happen.

We explored wine regions and stumbled upon a small winery that works with love and consciousness. Nestled beneath sloping terraces of century-old Grenache and Carignan vines, they practice heroic agriculture and care for the landscape with minimal intervention.

We found bottles patiently waiting at the bottom of a small stone cave, biding their time for the perfect moment to be enjoyed. And this particular bottle has spent 12 months in second-use French oak barrels and matured for over 15 years, quietly awaiting in the shadows for the perfect moment to reveal the potential of love for the land transformed into wine.

As Mario Benedetti once said, "we are a chance filled with intention". This story is proof that sometimes, when we follow our passions and open ourselves to love, we encounter unforgettable and magical experiences along our journey.

Featured image: »Une hirondelle fait le printemps«, Louis Treserras.

Replication authorized by artist.

The Vineyard

Botellas de vino


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Mediterranean Sea
 38°38′42″N 0°02′39″E

La Vilella Alta 

41°14'3.12"N 0°47'1.57"E

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